Lost Klezmer Ramblers


The Lost Klezmer Ramblers is the Klezmer music incarnation of my wonderfully versatile ensemble featuring the fabulous talents of:

Lisa Schneider- Violin
Eric Vormelker- Bass, Guitar, Percussion
Don Weeda- Accordion
Yosuke Kimura- Kontra
...with occasional special guests thrown in to spice it up and layer the music with fun and interesting textures and haunting moods. Some of those guest include Jim Carpetas on whistle/flute, Theo Bick on hurdy-gurdy, and the visiting Australian, Wendy Lang on clarinet/whistle.

The Lost Klezmer Ramblers first performed at the Austin Friends of Traditional Music's Mid-Winter Festival in February, 2003. Lisa, Eric and Don all have a long, rich history of digging deep into the Eastern European Jewish folk music and performing it at various venues, festivals, and the occasional wedding. We tend to lean towards the old world style Klezmer with fiddle at its heart and the beautiful pain and sweetness of life in its soul.