Frequently Asked Questions About What I Do For Weddings

What are your fees/availability? I'd be happy to discuss my current fees and availability with you directly via email.

Where are you located? I live in North Central Austin, Texas near Highland Mall.

How far are you willing to travel for weddings? I prefer not to have to travel very far outside of the Austin area for weddings. I charge an additional travel fee for anything over 30 minutes from my home.

Would you play Traditional Classical wedding music for my ceremony? For weddings, I just do what I do. If you want more classically-inclined music, I wouldn't be the musician for you. I'd be happy to give you some referrals, though.

Would you learn our favorite piece of music for the ceremony? No. Again, what I offer is incredibly beautiful and unique. It's for folks who want something a little different. I am not able to learn music to play for each wedding. If you've picked out pieces already, I might not be the best choice for your ceremony.

Do you play for more than just the ceremony? Usually not, but occasionally. Show moreMy rates are based on playing just the ceremony regardless of how long it is. Anything beyond that would be charged at an additional different hourly rate for background music. We can discuss the particulars via email, if you'd like.Hide

Do you play other styles of music for the background music (ie. cocktail hour or prelude)? I can play multiple styles/genres of music as background music, but usually, they need to be supported by one or two more musicians. Show moreFor example, Old Time Appalachian/Bluegrass, Celtic, various Eastern European styles could be great background music, but would be best with at least a guitar/bass back-up. We can discuss the particulars via email, if you'd like.Hide

Will you play at our outdoor wedding? In Central Texas, the long summers can be brutal. Because of that, I prefer not to play outdoors during the summer months. Show moreBut here, that can be from late April to late September. The heat (or humidity) can wreak havoc and potentially damage my instrument. Because of that, I always require some sort of shade/covering for outdoor events.Hide

Do you provide a sound system? No. For most ceremonies, playing entirely acoustic without any amplification is usually sufficient. Show moreIf a sound system is necessary, you would need to rent one (or better yet, hire a soundman with a sound system to manage it.) Once you add amplification to the mix, sound management gets increasingly complex.Hide